Puffins, Whales & Waterfalls

by Reba Baskett

I got a little overwhelmed in editing my photos of Iceland. When you go to a place like Iceland, you are going to take a lot of photos but it’s always good to remember that you are going to have to go through and edit all those photos!

Puffins and Whales

One of the fun things I did in Iceland was take a speed boat tour from Húsavík which is on the North coast and under 40 miles from the Arctic Circle. The boat went to Puffin Island but because it was mating season we were not allowed to stop and explore the island so while I got to see a lot of and I mean a lot of puffins, I was not able to get close to any.

Next up was whale watching. We found a whale pod and followed it for a good hour. It was amazing. The whales never full breached the water but it was fun to watch them come up and down to eat.

Puffins and Whales Iceland


One of my favorite waterfalls – though I say that about all of them. The weather was beautiful and overcast.


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