Testing the Olympus Tough TG5

by Reba Baskett

I picked up the Olympus TG5 off of eBay. I wanted a camera I could take kayaking with me in Alaska next month. I previously owned the TG3, which I took to New Zealand on a kayak trip, so I knew I would love this version. I got my TG5 in the mail today and immediately threw in a memory card and started shooting. I did not even take the time to customize it or turn on RAW. I literally set the date and time and started shooting!

To test the camera I went to the closest dog park. I have a rescue dog who is terrified of my Olympus OMD and Pen cameras (or any camera). She had a rough start in life and anything big in her face just shuts her down. I’ve yet to get a great picture of her personality. I’m happy to report that the TG5 is timid dog approved. I loved the shots I got of her playing. I was able to capture her personality. It was also an added bonus that I can hold the camera in one hand and play with her with the other. 

I’m really excited to sit down and look into the options of this camera. Set it up to shoot RAW files so I can edit them and see how far I can push the files. For now, I’m very happy with the results and even more thrilled that I have a camera that I can take pictures of my dog without scaring her! Can’t wait to get this camera to Alaska and get out on the water!

Here are some test shots that are straight out of the camera using the sports scene mode on the camera. 

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